Friday, February 27, 2009

My Gamer History

Friday, February 27, 2009

Here is a little introduction to my gamer history - from my view of being in this cult group. This post lists my video gaming levels, from Noob to Pro to Old-School. In other words... from a little girl with the Atari, to a PC hard-core gamer, and now to a casual multi-console lover: what I have played and want to play.
For me, the groups began early. I would spot my mom points in Atari. My sister and I actually wore out controllers. Mario and Tetris later ruled the scene. Then, we finished our friends in basements with the still popular franchise, Mortal Combat.

Then my husband introduced me to Blizzard (sounds of angels singing). My husband played online, but the best groups were when we had LAN (Local Area Network) parties. 6+ geeks packed up their computers. By god the monitors were heavy. Noone used a laptop to game. They didn't have the video acceleration, the fabulous speakers, or the power. We separated, a couple of people per room. Hooking up (literally wires and hubs), upgrading versions, patches, pizza, and LOTS of caffeine. Best game: Starcraft. Although we dabbled with any Real Time Strategy (RTS) we could get our hands on.

Once a month, we headed to Gammathon, the Greater Albuquerque Massively Multiplayer Alliance (GAMMA). Now extinct, we hooked our computers up with large groups of geeks in tournament competitions for prizes. RTS, First-Person Shooters (FPS), and lots of music trading. Again, pizza and soda accompaniment. We had small LANS still with our friends.

I could now afford DSL (first) and later Cable (there go those damn angels again). We turned more online: Diablo 2, random Role-Playing Games (RPGs) like Darkstone. Then the game that is TOO good: World of Warcraft (WOW).

After 2 years of hard-core gaming in WOW, my hubby and I decided we needed to focus on Real Life (RL). The game became a job. This was compounded by being officers in the guild, and I, the the main force of our guild website. We quit right as the expansion was coming out (*sniff *sniff).

Switch to more consoles. Cheap PS2, Wii, and Xbox 360. We had always had consoles, but they were something to play when the servers were down. The online interactivities in this genre are just beginning to form communities, In My Humble Opinion (IMHO).

Now, I play Culdcept Saga with my hubby. I am an evil chickie, complete with horns, in Fable 2. I have split personalities, though. I am also so good I dawn a halo. I'm a drummer in Rock Band, of course. Spore didn't hold my interest. I rent alot, looking for that next big game to pwn. Every now and again, we have a Magic: the Gathering draft. We play the basics like Scrabble and cards, too.

Don't get me wrong. There were many MANY more games mixed in all of these levels. I didn't even touch on The Sims or Podracer. Which, hands down, was the best racing game ever. Especially at Gameworks.

Coming Soon
And there are many more on the works. I want to see if Halo Wars can keep my attention after Starcraft. Can the console really pull-off the RTS so popular in PC games? Of course, Final Fantasy XIII will have me spellbound. Starcraft 2 may get me divorced.

Let's face it - the family that kills zombies together, stays together! Left 4 Dead tops my short list of next games to rent. Resident Evil 5 is out very soon. My hubby wants to travel back to time - Street Fighter 4. Angry about the dishes? Screw couples counseling...a few punches in a fighting game really does make it all better :)


Lindsay said...

this post was hilarious! divorce? Zombie killing? You can do no wrong Jamie! lol...

I really liked the subheadings- it's a long post, but the headings helped me regroup:) Good job!

I am very interested in the realm of PC games. I am familiar with many of the great consoles, and of course I love board games, but I have never actually played a game on the computer, besides solitaire:) You probably have this in mind, but I am excited for you to comment on your poll and start describing all the different avenues for gaming. I will look forward to hearing your thoughts on PC games.

for the love of frank said...

i too am a child of the atari. my brother and i were late in coming to it--cuz my parents didn't love us enough to buy us video games. by '85 we had a strange collection of unorthodox games... popeye, kangaroo, etc...

we too ended up with lame joysticks. although it wasn't from wearing them out as much as slamming them about. brian used to get so mad about not passing the level that he would slam it down on the floor. the brat.

there was a brief time in the midst of the atari revolution when table top games were the bomb. one of the best gifts ever was my table top
Q-bert game that i received on the same occasion that Brian got donkey kong jr.

alas, after the fading out of super mario, i never really found the interest again (in video games that is).

jamie, let's hear about some card/board games.

Nathan said...

This is a funny and entertaining post. I have never even heard of half of these things. Very informative but fun.

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