Friday, February 6, 2009

Gamer Defined

Friday, February 6, 2009

What is a gamer? I like The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary definition the best:

Gamer: gā-mər) n - an avid game player.

And....that's us.
This word brings different pics to mind. It may be a pimple-faced geek, dressed with a cardboard sword as he plays D&D. Or is it the nerd on the computer in a dark basement, surrounded by soda cans and pizzas? Maybe guys clicking controller buttons as they yell at their 152 inch TV, and set on their Goodwill sofa pop into your brain. Let me expand your definition.

a thirtysomething gamer. a girl. a college student (again and forever). a former WOW addict. I play Scrabble for death. I've won the last 4 Magic: the Gathering drafts my hubby and I have played. Oh, yeah, wife...I'm a wife. I pay my bills. I attend the family gatherings, but as I talk to you about the weather... I'm really thinking about a Battle-End Combo for Culdcept Saga.

U pwn the little nooblets. You played games before they were born. You ate dots with circles. Your modems spoke crrrrshhhhhhharrrrrrrrrrr. Your internet had wires.

So this blog will give u gamer information. I'll post the rules for my favorite playing card game - Rummy 5000. I'll tell you how to play a draft. I'll tell you about the newest game, the one that didn't have commercials. It is SO SO fun, and usually CHEAP CHEAP. We will explore consoles, PCs, and table games. I'll show you my favorite geeky stores and geeky shows.

Join me old friends.
Grab some time every day.
Remember your Atari.
Dust off the games
and Let's Play.


for the love of frank said...

my gawd... i'm so dang excited to follow your blog! i have no flippin clue what all the acronyms are ('cept lmao and wtf). for instance, what is pwn? that is why i couldn't fill in the reactions...

your site is a sight! i can truly see who the techie is now. your graphics are outtasight. very well designed. and i love the caption "the older the gamer, the sweeter the obsession." your colors are simple and clean and pleasant to view. your humor is addictive and i can tell you'll keep us all entertained. you've done really well not taking any of our advice! heh-heh.

i need the get the drift of a bunch of the stuff you've already set sail on, and i look forward to the experimentation. i think you'll be a great source of inspiration for me... we have very similar typing vibes, i think.


Jamie said...

Yes! You are my Vibe sister, girlie. I would LOVE to say this pretty site was all me. But, it's a template, I edited it a bit for purpose. There are some beautiful free templates.

Sometimes they are called "skins" for particular programs. Just google blogger and template. Most are very easy to install and get working.

I promise to have an acronym post. I have a couple of pages that have oodles of acronyms and gamer terms. But, here are the ones I listed.
->lmao - laugh my as* off
->wtf - what the f**k
->stfu - shut the f**k up (although not as harsh as it sounds)
->1337 - leet (means elite, very cool)

Oh, and pwn(pronounced own). The best word ever. There will be a post on that alone, for my favorite internet show Pure Pwnage. Basically, I usually use it like kicks as*. My new iPod touch pwns! I rip your head off in a fighting game, I yell "pwned!" then do a little dance,...feel guilty for winning, and make you dinner. LOL

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