Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pure Pwnage (Ownage): Watch It

Thursday, February 12, 2009

IMHO, Pure Pwnage is a fabulous example of the gamer community. It's an internet show - free. Started by 2 guys in Canada. Well, they came up with this idea...the Jeremy character emerged....and they ran with it.

I recommend watching the Welcome Video. Sequentially makes the most sense, but you can bounce around episodes. They have huge release parties, now. They sell DVDs and T-shirts. *Note: Don't wear the boom headshot shirt to the airport.

Pure Pwnage shows the variety of gamers. There is FPS Doug, MMORPG girl, and of course -- Kyle is the Noob. They often have short intros of video from games with sound overlaid. Know what I mean? If not, watch Season 1 Episode 4.

The show is so popular, it actually has a spin-off. Watch it in the next post!


Lindsay said...

Jamie I love your enthusiasm for gaming- it really shines right through the page!!!

But I'm not gonna lie- I have very little "clue" as to what you are talking about sometimes. lol! I guess I am gonna have to look up these terms again from your previous blog.

Your blog is progressing nicely and I am very excited to see where you go with it! Keep the great posts coming!

for the love of frank said...

well, i tried to navigate that pure pwnage but i felt a bit like an intruder. i guess to that extent, it's definitely established its own community. unfortunately for me, it isn't exactly an open community, reminds me of the highschool social groups! of course i think it's more related to my own failings as a gamer wannabe! heh-heh.. the boys were cute though :>)P
i really like the way you added the reaction survey at the bottom of your posts. is that part of this template or a gadget of some kind?

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