Saturday, February 7, 2009

Code Monkey Video

Saturday, February 7, 2009

We all need some Saturday morning cartoon. This song is hilarious. My husband uses a portion of it for his cell phone - for when his boss calls. After all, he is a Code Monkey


Lindsay said...

oh my goodness- your blog looks great! I really admire how you can go beyond the norm and personally transform whatever you work on. I love the whole idea of gaming- I think that you are going to catch a great following!

Your page looks great and your blog title is fantastic!

Susan Romano said...

The video is PERFECT for a Monday morning viewing!!!
I need help with the language of rankings (educate me).

Jamie said...

Oh, I love to educate, grasshoppa.

I set up my youtube account to connect with blogger. By sharing the videos this way, I can view them on my iPod. The copy/pasted embedded video, like the one on my practice blog, doesn't show on my mobile. So, I'm glad that fixed it.

I figure everyone needs some cartoons. I'm looking forward to a meatier post. It has been hell week for me. I will definitely be cathartic on my personal practice blog later.

for the love of frank said...

i finally got to view this cartoon (on wedn.) and thought it was fantastic! code monkey like fritos. code monkey like tab and mountain dew. hilarious. i suppose i could research it, but maybe you could save me the trouble and tell me who performed that song and if it has some kind of interesting tale of placement?
my friend kyle who works on computers at UNM said it's their theme song and apparently has heard it dozens of times. i on the other hand am much more enthusiastic about it...

Jamie Riera said...

Jonathan Coulton wrote the song. It is a pretty old song. Sort-of a geek classic. Notice, on the Music section of his site, his songs use a Creative Commons license, as we were talking about those is class.

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