Saturday, March 7, 2009

Offline Co-op not Left 4 Dead

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Left For Dead CoverThe game Left 4 Dead is available on Xbox 360 and the PC. This game features 4 characters that shoot their way free through the "infected" zombies.

Offline Co-op
The offline co-op (or cooperative play) in this game makes it ideal for the thirtysomething gamer. Through a split-screen, you can shoot zombies with your husband, sister, or friends. Hell, it has friendly fire (you can shoot your teammates).

Although you need their help, shooting your husband by "accident" yields some sick giggles. The ultimate passive-aggressive fun. Read this Left 4 Dead co-op review for more game specifics.

The real enjoyment with offline co-op is you don't ignore the people around you. You both fight through the zombie hordes. You can set on the couch, munch, pause when you need to. And of course, the cries we all make when under attack. "Hunter has me! Help, help!" and "Sorry, that was me." This often follows your hubby shooting you in the head. *accident?*

You challenge each other. Can you get more headshots? *Yes, the heads explode. Zombie blood apparently has part napalm* Who does more damage? Who takes more damage?

And oh yes, Left 4 Dead is scary. The intro movie drops you into the horror immediately. Old Bill grumbles the great line, "Son, we just crossed the street." You're introduced to the pathetic crying of the witch, and what happens when you startle her. What does happen? Watch it below.

Left 4 Dead Intro

The whole game has the creepy feeling of a horror movie. The dark and seedy graphics transport you to an inflected world. You creep around in darkness, with only your flashlight to guide you.

Of course, more things scare. When many, many, MANY infected come running at you - adrenaline rushes through your body. If a boomer vomits on you, you shoot through the thick, putrid fog. You wildly shoot everything that moves. *sometimes this includes your teammates, as mentioned before.*

And the sound... The witch may cry, but the infected scream. The background noises feel like a haunted house. You hear the hunter, before he strangles anyone. You frantically search around for him. And the witches cries force you to turn off your flashlight and search through the dark.

Oh, the sound. It makes you want to turn off the lights.
You should.
I hear the witch's cries.


Alex said...

Hey Jamie,

You have the best looking blog in the class by far! I ashamed that I'm the CS guy in the class when I compare mine next to yours. It really looks awesome.

I was just checking out this game the other night at Target. I had to put down most of my gaming a few years back because I realized I could complete Grand Theft Auto or I could graduate, but not both. Well, I'm almost ready to graduate, and I've got a killer desktop system that I've just been using for school stuff, so I need a good game to play!

I checked out this game, Assassin's Creed and GTA4. Which is your favorite? Do I need to get an XBox USB controller? I'm a pretty lame gamer, and pretty much play by myself. What's a good game to get started again?

Nathan said...

Cool blog and good presentation today. I'm not really a video game player but it's still interesting to read about people who do to get an idea of what is so appealing about gaming and to see how far video games have advanced.

Jamie of Thirtysomething Gamers said...

Thank you Alex and Nathan. You two are very sweet. Let me know if you want anything graphically. I took a template and edited the text and links a bit. (I'm thinking someday I want a cartoon granny with a wheel-controller for the banner.)

Also, let me know if anything doesn't quite look right, or work for ya.

Yes, Alex, I too have had to give up some gaming to focus on RL before. Thank goodness gaming is

I am ashamed to say I have never played a GTA. Assasin's creed sounds familiar. My hubby played it, I think. I shall rent these games this week to give you my opinion.

I'm sure you can use the keyboard. Some people prefer controllers. As far as controllers, I noticed at Hastings the other night, that Logitech had some beautiful controllers. I have always been pleased with their mice. I would recommend them.

Alot of good games, or popular, are out right now. Left 4 Dead (my friend Cora has it on PC) is great shooting action. Spore is cute if you like to build little buildings and thing. I need to research good games on the PC. I'll get back to you on this this week.

Resident Evil shooter just came out today. I should be playing it in roughly an hour.

for the love of frank said...

i love zombies... i mean... i love stuff about zombies--movies and such.
i was in a zombie movie, you should check it out!
really really really low budget, but it was fun!

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