Monday, April 6, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Interactive

Monday, April 6, 2009

Resident Evil 5 reaches a new level of interactivity on the XBox 360 and PS3. As Chris or Sheva you attempt to save the world from the dangerous Uroboros virus.

Although a slower play style than I described in my Left 4 Dead post, RE5 still delivers zombie action. Slower, but deadly. You are in Africa. You superman search for answers about your partner and about Uroboros. You search in villages, marshlands, and underground labs. Some nice large bosses (like Irving) enter into the action. Heads explode...and then slimy tentacles pop out of the bodies.

Great Co-op
Most impressive, however, is one of my favorite things - a GREAT co-op play. You need your partner - be it online, offline, or AI. Doors require teamwork. You can save your partner from being Zombie Lunch. You can resuscitate your partner. You may quibble a bit over ammo, but you split the money and jewels equally. The game even separates you at times to progress.

Interactive Movies
You also need your partner in the movies. Yes, the interactive cutscenes require frantic smacking of the A-button, undivided attention, and frequent cussing. I couldn't help it. When I see a movie start, I immediately get up to pee and get a drink. With RE5 I got up, cussed, and ran back to the couch. Damn, dead.

Mix-It-Up Gameplay
But, oh how fun. And you don't just shoot your gun. There are a myriad of situations.You can drive the boat, or shoot. You shoot the turret gun from the back of a moving vehicle. Don't forget to hang on in the cutscenes. They mixed up the gameplay a bit which - although straying a bit from the sequence - gave it variety.

What I learned...

  • If it pops out of someone, or something.... shoot it!
  • If it glows, or bleeds... shoot it!
  • If it attacks, or doesn't... shoot it!


VSanchez said...

Resident Evil 5 sounds like a really fun game to play. My brother plays that game all the time and uses the co-op to play with his friends. One of these days when I have time, I will ask him if I can borrow it. How does this game compare with other resident evil games? Does this have a better storyline than the other games?

Nathan said...

I'm not a big gamer but I do like games with co-op modes. I think its a lot of fun to team up with a friend and beat the levels.

Jhood21 said...

Huge Resi fan. I must say that by far the best Resident Evil game(s) were the first (obviously) and RE:Code Veronica which was only on the Sega Dreamcast console. SICK!

Unknown said...

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