Monday, April 13, 2009

Great Cheap Game: Culdcept

Monday, April 13, 2009

Culdcept Game Box Image
Renting games to check them out works great. However, you can find many used games for cheap. Most rental places, Hastings, and Gamestop sell used games. You can find great games this way without dropping $60. I've found many for $10.

Sometimes, I find a gem. A cheap game with great replay ability. Culdcept Saga definitely fits this build. It's somewhat a cross between the Magic the Gathering card game and Monopoly. The single player teaches the game really well. The game has hours of replay with different decks to build and cards to collect.

You have a deck. This deck includes creatures, spells, and items (like swords and armor). In the versus mode, you may play with or against friends (online or offline) as well as characters from the storyline. You may play in allied teams.

Each Turn

The game determines player order randomly. You start with 5 cards.
  1. You draw a card from your deck.
  2. You may cast a spell.
  3. You roll the dice to travel around the board.
  4. You land on a square and may cast a creature card.


If you land on an empty square, you may cast a creature card. If the square has an enemy creature, you may invade it. All creatures have strength (ST) and life called Hit Points (HP). Many also have special abilities.

Most creatures also have elements associated with them. Creatures may be associated with Wind: yellow, Fire: red, Water: blue, and Earth: green. Some creatures are colorless.

ex. The red Chimera creature has 30 strength (ST) and 50 Hit Points (HP). It Attacks First and gains 10 ST every time the user makes a lap.


You can also damage creatures, steal gold, draw cards, and do many other things with spell cards.
These cards can also add effects to you, your enemy, or creatures. The effect may be positive - like adding ST points. Or negative - like reducing HP points.

ex. The spell Brave Song adds 20 strength to all your creatures for four rounds.


You can use these when you attack with creatures, or are being attacked. They include things that give ST like swords. Some items add to HP like armor. Other items have special abilities and may reflect damage, steal items, or neutralize damage.

ex. This sword item gives the Seismodon creature extra strength in battle.


VSanchez said...

You’re right. These stores have many great games for cheap prices. When I go to these stores, I always sell my used games for store credit and use this store credit to buy new games. I have never heard of this game. I'll have to rent this game this coming weekend. I like monopoly, so I may like this game.

Anonymous said...

Arguably the best game on the Xbox 360 - if not the best, then certainly the most unique. Ebay is your best bet for finding a copy these days, and while it can still be found cheap, it's becoming a collector's item due to its limited release back in 2008!

Culdcept Central - Cards + Monopoly = EPIC.

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