Monday, May 18, 2009

The Good and the Corrupted ...Files

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel on the Xbox 360. Yeah, it's had a rocky start. This role-playing game lines up beside Diablo 2 and Darkstone in gameplay. You have many quests, 6 character choices, good or evil campaigns, and a great co-op play.

Unfortunately, the promised carrier imp for pre-ordering has yet to appear. They had technical difficulties with the download content systems - you can read the spiel on CDV's website. I'm sure they will fix it in a patch.

Was the game rushed? Well, there is definitely a dark side in the first week. Twice, my husband has had a Corrupt Save File. He goes to log into the game. Gets a message his save file is corrupt. He loses all his game and has to delete his save file (40kb vs. my 108kb working save file).

I found others on the Xbox forum. This is a common problem and appears to be happening only in multiplayer. The Xbox forum's post on Bugs, Glitches, and... has people discussing this problem.

Many people are speculating on when and why the game gets corrupted. I'm sure they will fix the corrupt save file in a patch. It's a big problem that will keep people from playing the game. And you want to play the game. Because the offline co-op kicks ass. You play on the same screen -no split mess. You can't zoom in and out, but you can move the camera. I was very happy to see this genre have a nice offline co-op.

The Good

Nothing says fun like glowing armor. The item textures are gorgeous, even at low levels. The quests are easy to follow with a clear map. Different colored arrows direct you to class, side, and main quests. You get a mount early. You can do a little fighting on your mount. The abilities/spell tree allows for a wide array of specialization. I haven't encountered much lag, yet.
It's pretty. It's fun. It's...well....a great game when it works.

The Plan

Today, my hubby plans to pick up a memory stick. We are going to try and put a copy of my good save game in it, so I can play without fear. I'm really not willing to play and lose my characters. I've seen it happen to my husband twice. I've completed the totally awesome Blind Guardian band quest, went to the concert, and cheered over the good loot. If I can't make a copy of my good file, I'll just play alone till it's fixed. It's one thing to lose your low level characters, but quite another to lose a game after hours and hours of play.


Alex said...

yeah jamie for keeping the blog going!

I think I'm buying a wii now that I am done with school, and gainfully unemployed. Any tips?

Jamie of Thirtysomething Gamers said...

Gratz on the employment! The sports game that comes with the Wii is the best. I also recommend the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Galaxy for some action. Mario Kart or any racing game with the wheel always makes for fun.

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