Friday, May 8, 2009

Gamer Tunes: Girl Gamer

Friday, May 8, 2009

I need some tunes to lighten up my finals week. Warning! This post may offend. Well, I love this Bryan Simon guy. He has some really funny songs on Youtube. A guy with a guitar and a damn good sense of humor. This song "Girl Gamer on My Friend's List" is a personal favorite.

As I listened to the song again, I realized the line "she even teabags" may confuse a few. Here's my loose definition:

Teabag: noun - Testicals, balls, nads, nuts, juevos, family jewels, etc...
Teabag: verb - To shove your character's teabags in another character's face, usually after knock-out or death.

It's usually used when you kill someone and rub it in their face. Pretty literal enforcement, I think. But, if you're wondering what the hell this looks like on a game. Never fear!

This rap music video "Straight Outta Blood Gultch" from Pure Pwnage has some great gameplay video of it. Enjoy.

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VSanchez said...

That is cold to teabag another player after you kill them! These videos are very interesting. I will have to check out more of Bryan Simon videos on YouTube.

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